New Comers



Fr. Shenouda Boutros +1.613.882.6625 (mobile), +1.613.823.6625 (home),

Fr. Morcos Abdel-Messih +1.613.621.4022 (mobile),

Dr. Paul (Boulos) Roufail +1.613.225.5666 (home), +1.613.600.5033 (home),








1. Free COMPUTER and INTERNET Access at Ottawa Public Library

To get a free library card, go to any Ottawa Public Library (OPL) branch with photo ID (eg. Egyptian Passport). You can use the Internet for hours as early as the next day.

You can locate a library near you through the site.

The Libraries have much material of help to newcomers (e.g. books and CDs for improving English and French)

Visit the Ottawa Public Library site at



This number and the card it comes on are part of your basic Canadian identity.

Addresses of Offices where you can apply for SIN card:

Ottawa Centre Service Canada Centre
300 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa Government Service Centre
110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario

Gatineau (Hull-Aylmer sector) Service Canada Centre
920 St-Joseph Boulevard
Gatineau, Quebec

Gatineau (Gatineau sector) Service Canada Centre
85 Bellehumeur Street
Gatineau, Quebec

Ottawa East Service Canada Centre
2339 Ogilvie Road
Gloucester, Ontario

Ottawa West Service Canada Centre
2525 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario


You will need to bring the following documents to apply for SIN card:

a) Egyptian Passport

b) Immigration papers - Landed Immigration Form obtained at the airport

c) Another form of identification such as a Permanent Resident (PR) Card - this requires the newcomer to wait for a month to receive it by mail. Note, however if the newcomer takes the G1 driving test and passes, then the driver's license can be another piece of identification.

Please Note that there is NO NEED for THE PR card to issue the SIN. They accept confirmation of permanent residence (CPR form) which is a temporary PR card until the other one comes. The new comer can have it in the airport when they first arrive.

Note that it is a private paper (ie. PCR) as it lists the amount of money the landed immigrant has, so it is not a public paper. It is a proof of fund needed when issuing the first credit card in Canada.

d) Proof of address -G1 driver's license or letter sent to the newcomer.



Consult the Church Fathers, or members of the Newcomers Committee members to get advice and/or help about accommodation that suits your needs.



Before applying for the test, study using a manual (consult the Newcomers Committee, or search for online resources).

Ministry of Transportation addresses in Ottawa:
Ottawa - Canotek (5303 Canotek Rd., Unit 14 Ottawa, ON K1J 9M1)
Ottawa - Walkley (1570 Walkley Road Ottawa, ON K1V 6P5)

For fees and required documents refer to the following link:



Application forms are available from:
Ontario Ministry of Health
Fuller Building
75 Albert Street
Ontario K1P 5Y9
Phone: 1-800-268-1154

Keep in mind that there is a three months waiting period until you receive the card (calculated starting from your date of becoming permanent resident in Canada).

Telehealth Ontario

What is it?

  • Telehealth Ontario is a confidential, free service that provides instant access to experienced health advice and information over the phone.
  • A qualified Registered Nurse is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer your call and address any health concerns you may have, as well as help you take appropriate actions.
  • This service is available in English and French, with translation support for other languages.

How does it work?

  • You will speak with a Registered Nurse when you call Telehealth Ontario.
  • The nurse will ask you to provide information on your health, symptoms, and presenting concerns in order to provide an assessment of the health problem and determine appropriate action.
  • Based on the assessment and the severity of the problem, the nurse will provide recommendations for the most suitable services (taking care of yourself, seeking a physician, emergency care, or community resources).

Why is this service available to me?

  • Teleheath Ontario aims to provide readily accessible health care to address your health concerns and meet your needs at any time.
  • This service helps to improve our health system by directing you to the most suitable services.

When should I seek this service?

  • You can call Telehealth Ontario anytime you have a health concern or general health question.
  • This service can provide advice on many health-related concerns, including illness, injury, symptoms requiring medical attention, chronic illness, nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and teen health.

Contact Information: Toll free: 1-866-797-0000
TTY: 1-866-797-0007 (hearing and speech difficulties)
**In an emergency situation, you must call 911.

Health Care Connect

What is it?

  • Health Care Connect is a service available to Ontarians who do not have a family health care provider and are in need of finding one.
  • This service will help you find family health care providers in your community that are accepting new patients.


  • You must have a valid Ontario Health Card (OHIP)
  • You are in need for a health care provider and do not currently have one

How does it work?

  • If you do not have a family doctor, you can register for Health Care Connect by: Phone: 1-800-445-1822, or Online
  • Upon registration, you will be required to complete a health information questionnaire, which will help to determine your level of need for a family health care provider.
  • A "Care Connector" will then contact you and work with you in finding the most suitable service for you. Your Care Connector will be your main point of contact for this program and can answer your questions or address your needs.
  • Once your Care Connector allocates a health care provider for you, you will be responsible for calling to book an appointment.

For more information Call ServiceOntario Infoline
Toll Free: 1-866-532-3161
TTY 1-800-387-5559 (hearing and speech difficulties)



You can access a range of FREE services, such as:
Computers, printers, fax machines, photocopiers and phones
Job postings and Internet for job search
Employment and computers workshops
Help from trained staff
On-site child care for children ages six months to six years


The following link gives all resource centers available in Ottawa:

These centers give you unlimited access to printers, computers, internet, and phones.



The popular local phone & cable companies are Bell ( and Rogers (

Alternative phone providers may be cheaper. One example is Comwave Co. They send a device which should be connected to the internet (e.g. to the DSL Router or Cable Modem). Initially, the client pays $50 then $10/month for unlimited local calling. $15/month for unlimited North America calling with Caller ID. In addition, this device can be sent overseas and will have a Canadian phone number in order to communicate with the family in back home $10/month per device. But they have to have a DSL connection in back home.

Another option is software, such as provided at, which you can download on your computer to give you a Canadian phone number, and free long distance and local calls. It is a very good software to start.



One affordable offer is from that offers unlimited download with speed of 256 Mbps and with no cost for the modem. The plan costs $27/month.

Alternatively, offers a phone and internet bundle for $40/month.

Another company is with plans for $18.95/month for the first year.

You don't need to have a phone line to apply for internet. You can have what is called a "dry loop DSL" for $8/month extra.



Discuss with members of the Newcomers Committee to get advice on banking.

Contact Karim Bishay (613)220-3309



Use the travel planer in the following link to check which buses you can take between any addresses:

Bus tickets cost $3.25, you must pay the exact amount, no change will be given if you paid more. You can buy bus tickets from local stores cheaper than paying cash. For seniors (65 years and older) the fare is $2.00, and free all day on Wenesdays for Seniors.



Please consider the following before paying money:

a) check the car on the website by its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to know if it is accident free or not.

b) Useful websites: and

c) Take the car to a mechanic to check it.



This a free English learning program offered by the government. There is two benefits of joining this program as a full-time student; learning English and they will pay you the buss monthly pass cost which saves you money in the first stage and gives you unlimited access to bus routes where you can get around the city for no cost.

To apply for this course, you should call the following phone number to register for an assessment of your level (free):

Language Assessment and Resource Centre at 613-238-5462

For more details, click:



Please feel free to consult with members of the Newcomers Committee.



For the French Catholic school board, the most important document is the Certificate of Baptism. They can accept an Orthodox Baptism Certificate, ideally authorized by a Catholic Priest. Contact the Priests, and translate the Arabic certificate of Baptism then take the original and the translated one to one a Catholic Priest to stamp and authorize it.



For low-income families, the City of Ottawa subsidizes the fees for licensed day care. As a newcomer who has never earned money in Canada, they are considered as a low-income family. Therefore, they pay the whole amount of fees on condition that the parents have to find a job within 3 months. After 3 months, they re-evaluate the case again.



Weekly flyers sent to the buildings and houses are very useful in tracking all the sales. They are available online as well.

Some stores like "Value Village" and "Salvation Army" thrift stores, sell clothes in good condition and other household items at very reasonable prices.



A booklet titled "Welcome to Ottawa" is a guide for services available for immigrants. It gives additional information and contacts and addresses to what is mentioned above. You could get a copy from the service centres found in some shopping malls (few copies are available in the church for your perusal).